Takistan Uprising Part 2

From our great work last mission we are granted a BRDM for our use, we also managed to recover 2 humvees and none of our UAZ's got destroyed.                               The Russians also granted us access to their armory if we want to, this means any AK variant is allowed, scopes are up to fireteam leaders/command.

Gear wise, you are allowed to use American rifles we picked up and SPC vests, Russian and American uniforms are not allowed, discuss headwear with your fireteam leader or command. 

Takistan Uprising Part 1

We're done with the Americans in our land and we want to take it back for the Takistan people.

This week we will Attack Zavarak, the garrison city for Par-e Siah oilfield. After we take out the garrison city, the oil field should be weakened and open for an attack.


When we take the oilfield we can sell the oil to the Russians in trade of equipment and vehicles 


Pacific Redemption (PHASE VI)

With the majority of the primary Tanoan island returned to friendly control, we can focus our efforts on stamping out the insurgency on the outlying islands in the western region of Tanoa. While the rest of the Task force will be moving on known insurgent bases in the south western island group, you will be tasked with assaulting and neutralizing the insurgent HQ and its commander, which are located near the airfield on the north-western island in the Tanoan region.

Pacific Redemption (PHASE V)

With the Blue Pearl port secured, we've allready started landing our armored assets onto Tanoa, a few of these vehicles have been made available to you for your next objective, namely Georgetown. Georgetown, as the biggest city on Tanoa, and its capital, is vital to the Tanoan government. If we are able to capture it back, it will be much easier for the government to show the people of Tanoa that the TLF can be defeated. With that kind of boost to moral it should be easier for the TDF to regroup and recruit.

Pacific Redemption (PHASE IV)

Good job on capturing the Red Spring mine, with the mine secured we have managed to cut their supply at its source.

However, the insurgents still have a sizable stockpile of uranium at the Blue Pearl industrial port, so naturally this is our next target.

It seems however the enemy have changed tactics, instead of engaging us in the jungles, they have pulled all their remaining forces back into the port, and dug themselves in. No doubt that they intend to make it hard for us to rout them out, relying on air support from the Rochelle airport to augment their defenses.

Pacific Redemption (PHASE III)

I imagine its been a rough morning for you all, having to defend our new airstrip against a counter-attack of that magnitude just hours after capturing it, you've all done a hell of a job so far. As we speak, the rest of the Taskforce are currently fortifying our position on the south-eastern island, so rest easy for now.

After you've all got some well deserved shut-eye i want you all preparing to spearhead the assault towards the uranium mine.

Pacific Redemption (PHASE II)

We've secured the immediate area around the airfield, now comes the hard part, holding our ground.

Undercover agents on the island are reporting a mass mobilization of enemy troops, due to our prolonged firefights in our initial assault, the enemy has a good grasp of who they're dealing with here, and are reacting accordingly. They have begun fortifying this operations primary objectives (The mines, ports and their HQ's) and are currently assembling a force to attempt to retake their airbase.

Pacific Redemption (PHASE I)

The first part of our operations here on Tanoa, will be to secure ourselves a location for our primary FOB in this theater.

A suitable location has already been determined, the Saint George Airstrip located in the south eastern part of Tanoa.

The airstrip itself poses a severe threat, with multiple aircraft stationed there ready for take-off at a moment's notice.