Training Day

We'll going to be doing some general squad based training this weekend.


This is both for generally improving team-building and coordination, as well as preparing for squads working more tightly togheter once we move back to the 2 squad system.

We will be starting off on the south-western peninsula of Altis, Beginning with convoy training, that will ultimately be the victim of a deliberate(planned) ambush. We'll then move on to CQB training at the convoys destination town, before going the completely other direction into open field movement/fighting.

Operation Helping Hand V

The FIA have pulled back to the hills after their catastrophic defeat in Kavala, we had them on what it seemed to be the back foot. Recently however we have lost contact with a blackhawk flying to the southern peninsula to provide aid to isolated villages. We know from the check in points along the route that they are south of the FOB, but whatever happened caused them to cut comms as we have had no communication with the crew since. It is now a race against time to try to find and bring back this crew.

Operation Helping Hand IV

Things just got complicated, we have pushed back the FIA to Kavala, and our success against them is going well, they still hold the main hospital on this side of the island though and are restricting its use. We are to go and liberate this hospital from their control so that it can work as normal again and aid civilians in the area. This would be a simple task, if not for ACRE. ACRE is a local company on the island in possession of a private military who are now taking power in the chaos in Kavala, they are expanding out from their facility on the west side of the city.

Operation Helping Hand III

Last night more supplies and vehicles were brought over for our use, after clearing the town of Oreokastro of threats we have now been retasked. The FIA have been targeting civilians and IDAP more frequently. We have been given the go ahead to strike one of their outposts in the valley of Gori and eliminate all targets there. Once complete we are to continue on to the Factory Complex south of there where the FIA have started a labour camp with Civilian Prisoners.

Operation Helping Hand II

After the attacks on the convoy this morning and the neutralising of the hostile encampment in the Castle we have been tasked with clearing the minefields around the town of Oreokastro. This is no simple task as we must disarm the explosives as we can't allow the church they surround to be destroyed or damaged as it is of cultural value to the locals. During the time in which we are working in the town we should have a patrol within the town scanning the horizon for any FIA movement. Try to not leave the town unless needed as there may be more minefields we are yet to be aware of.

Operation Helping Hand I

We've recently been deployed to aid the IDAP aid workers and defend them from the FIA. Today our objective is to take aid supplies to the town of Oreokastro. Primarily they require the water tanker, or 5 Water Pallets. 4 of each food pallet, and 6 Medical Box Pallets. We are to take these up to the town by any route we choose and then if able head back to base to retrieve more supplies for the town so they can have a stockpile nearby. 

Operation Lab Loose II

After the events of yesterday we have learned that Russian Speznas have invaded the island seeking to steal the device held at the science facility. They wiped out an unexpecting team from the facility before being detected by ourselves as we arrived for our guard rotation. The russians were able to escape with the device and fled the area with it. Quickly we cleared the facility and attacked a nearby staging point the Russians had. This provided us with intel on another beachhead attacked by the russians capturing some Port towns on the South of the Island.

Operation Lab Loose I

You are part of a ranger team deployed on the island as part of a security force for the research facilities present. These labs work on research into new age weapons and explosive devices. Today you have been tasked with moving to the south to a research facility and taking your rotation of the security of the facility. Tensions are rising with the east but no attacks have been made. This island woulds more than likely be one of the first sao keep your guard up. There is a device in a truck which will be transported to another facility.

Manslaughter I

After the defeat of the Iranian contingent on Altis the Mediterranean has been left highly unstable. The European economy is crumbling and the Union is falling to the same fate. It is only a matter of time before CSAT finds a new excuse to invade.