Pacific Redemption (PHASE II)

We've secured the immediate area around the airfield, now comes the hard part, holding our ground.

Undercover agents on the island are reporting a mass mobilization of enemy troops, due to our prolonged firefights in our initial assault, the enemy has a good grasp of who they're dealing with here, and are reacting accordingly. They have begun fortifying this operations primary objectives (The mines, ports and their HQ's) and are currently assembling a force to attempt to retake their airbase.

Pacific Redemption (PHASE I)

The first part of our operations here on Tanoa, will be to secure ourselves a location for our primary FOB in this theater.

A suitable location has already been determined, the Saint George Airstrip located in the south eastern part of Tanoa.

The airstrip itself poses a severe threat, with multiple aircraft stationed there ready for take-off at a moment's notice.