Operation Helping Hand

The country of Altis has been recently struck by a series of Earthquakes, which have damaged buildings and supply routes. This has caused the region to struggle to keep up with the demands of its nation for simple things such as Medical supplies, Food and most importantly Clean Water. Due to this IDAP has been deployed to support the areas most in need of aid. This aid group has set up a Base of Operations in an Airfield on the North West Peninsula of the Island where they dispatch aid work from, along with multiple smaller posts in towns. 


Operation Tropic Storm

After the events of Operation Thunder Valley, the Americans were now occupied in the deserts against the guerrilla uprising. Meanwhile the British took their turn searching for the supplier of the weapons that fueled the guerrillas. Mi6 had been in the jungle of Vietnam tracking the movements of the local Cartel, the Một số băng đảng. The Cartel had slowly gained influence in the region of Vietnam after a long bloody battle with the local police forces. Most of the police and government now turn a blind eye to their actions.

Operation Thunder Valley



American forces are beginning to pull out of the area to the north and boots on the ground are at low levels. Most are on duties as to pack up equipment ready for when the remainder of our forces are pulled back to the nearby airfield and we finally get to depart this dust bowl. Tensions are rising as the insurgents in the area are noticing our weakening positions and are becoming more confident in harassing us. IEDs are still quite a threat and we often find ourselves on patrols clearing the roads for locals.

Takistan Uprising

We're done with the Americans in our land and we want to take it back for the Takistan people.

We have made an agreement with the Russians that they will supply us with weapons and vehicles in trade of oil, we also get extra resources from them if we capture airfields.


Operation Pacific Redemption

A few weeks ago, a coup was staged on Tanoa by an insurgent group with strong ties to the Philippines New People’s Army (NPA), they’re calling themselves the Tanoa Liberation Force (TLF).

Our intel suggests the group have been rapidly expanding in the last 7 months, and just recently switched from covert drugs/weapons smuggling and kidnappings, to an overt insurgency group dedicated to toppling the government of Tanoa.