Survival Denied

We've discovered the location of 3 insurgency cells here on altis, we've been monitoring their activity in the area for a while now, and have concluded that at this exact moment, the leaders of these cells will be located at their cell HQ's.

Operation Pacific Fury Chapter 3

To: Personnel of Expeditionary Group 16

Marines, The defense of Harcourt and its bridge was a success but at a cost.

Navy Air Group has informed us its F/A-18F call sign reaper 1 took fire and crashed minutes ago. I need you to form a QRF team and head out there as quick as possible to try and recover the pilots.

We do not know their status so prepare the worst, this may be a body recovery instead of an evac.

Operation Pacific Fury Chapter 2

To: Personnel of Expeditionary Group 16

Marines your last mission was a complete success. we have pushed the remnants of the main force off of the south-east island and over the bridge north of Harcourt. SEALs have verified the town is clean and along with SATCOM and the airforce are monitoring movements. 

The intel you gathered from the Russian field base has indicated 2 things

Operation Pacific Fury Chapter 1

To: Personnel of Expeditionary Group 16

We have a serious problem. The Russians have moved in and rapidly mobilized and dug into the island. The Pirate presence was swiftly eliminated thanks to the Russians which did our job for us but this has given us a concern - THEM. why are they here who knows. Every intelligence branch Washington has its fingers in is looking for answers. 

Operation Pacific Fury Prologue

To: Personnel of Expeditionary Group 16

We have arrived in the Tanoan archipelago and have made contact with the local government and have been tasked with looking into the pirate activity on the southwest section of the island chain. HUMINT from the island has tipped us off to LaiLai a small coastal town with pirate activity to begin our search. A marine force will land and execute the mission. The sailors aboard the destroyer have been instructed to provide assistance if necessary.

Operation Sickle Down IV

Athira was a hard fought and close victory for us, your team managed to route the majority of enemies from the town but we were not expecting their explosive tenacity in holding that town for as long as they did, thankfully the team tasked with securing the northern lines were able to assist in clearing out the remaining enemy and holding the town.

Operation Sickle Down III

Good work keeping the pressure on the Americans during that last assault, it bought the other teams the time they needed to push the western offensive line forward. Our next objective will be to seek and destroy any hostiles in the town of Athira and secure it as a staging ground for the final assault on Altis airport. Our HUMINT is sparse, we know there will be at least one high ranking CO in Athira if you can capture him he may yield some invaluable intel for the final phase of our assault.

Operation Sickle Down II

Our first strike against the Americans went well, your team managed to secure a vital first step in taking this island. Unfortunately some of the other teams haven't had as much success the offensive on Kavala was a close victory at best and the team in charge of capturing the AAC airfield had to fall back, as a result the enemy now has an opportunity to form an effective counter attack and cut right through us we can't let this happen.

Operation Sickle Down

The time has come to test your resolve comrades, our great mother land needs you now more than ever. The American war machine has gone unchecked for far too long pouring poison into the ears of our friends and allies; they try to sway the world against us..cowards. We all know why they do this they want to strip our beautiful land bare of all its bountiful resources and claim global dominance over our world. It is time we strike and show them why they will never take what is ours, why they will never have what we have fought and died for and why you never poke the bear.

The Mole People

Heads up. We have been called in to support Fench efforts to suppress Boko Haram insurgent activity. Aerial reconnaissance has found evidence of insurgent activity in the northern part of your assigned OA. Establish mobile foot patrol reconnaissance to track and flush out the insurgents.