The Announcement

NATO liberated Altis and Stratis 2 years ago from the CSAT aggressors. They said they wanted to help us rebuild, To prosper, To live. Have they?

With these promises, they bought our lands corruption at the political and military levels, Oppression in some of Altis' poorest communities and a total disregard for order and the law.

NATO says it is a matter for the people to deal with but every time peaceful protest happens they stand there watching over their AAF and Government friends.

NOW it is our time to awaken to root out and purge our lands of this blight. 

The People Of The Forest II

With the increasing pressure from the USMC pushing from the south we are expecting reinforcements to be brought in through the road leading north away from Lopatino and Through air on the main airfield. We are monitoring through various means when those resupply convoys will be coming through. As soon as we are sure of convoys coming in we will notify MARSOC special forces already positioned behind enemy lines. They then will use already supplied equipment to ambush and destroy enemy convoys and when possible air transports.

The People Of The Forest I

The USMC has been pushing North the last days until they faced a well entrenched Russian MSV two companies of 200 men. The MSV is supported by the VDV who are staged at the airfield also fielding at least 200 men. We are tasked to do Stingray operations. Establish reconnaissance maneuvers in your TAOR (LAWN). Select an optimal route and engage targets of opportunity.

Peshmerga V

Enemy forces are heading towards Qalandar from Gorqan. We're to meet them head-on and intercept them before they reach Qalandar. If and when we're overun at first KZ (killzone) we will disengage and stage again further back to eventually set-up defending Qalandar-East.



Peshmerga IV

Mission brief will be provided SECRETLY in the open door tent made of textiles that you can hear through in the armory.








P.S Gonna be nighttime tho.

Peshmerga III

Thanks to your efforts in Bum, Riqay and Qalandar. We're not only set to retake important Oil extraction assets from ISIS, but we've aquired new gear courtesy of the CEO you rescued from Bum which is sure to become invaluable moving forward.

ISIS, after they failed in taking Qalandar, have dug themselves in, within and near Akhund and the accompanying oilfields. Dagger is moving in from the north of Akhund to assault the town directly, whilst you (Ranger) will attempt to secure the Akhund oilfields.

Peshmerga II

Due to our forces reconnaissance of the region, we've gotten a better picture of the situation in the region. As you know by now ISIS is now 100% confirmed to be responsible, and the ones that has taken over large parts of southern Anizay.

Operation Pacific Fury Chapter 5


this is the final push, we have determined that the Russians are handling VX chemical weapons here on Tanoa.

The UN General Assembly has begun to mount political pressure on Moscow to withdraw and submit itself for cross-examination over its possession of the nerve agent. Other members of the security council are considering sanctions and possible military action against Russia closer to home to end the threat

Peshmerga I

at 02:00 this morning we lost communications with our towns and industrial infrastructure to the south of the Kurdish Heartland. ISIS have been gearing up in the region and we believe they're behind the communication breakdown and are on the move into our territory.