Our Joining Process

1. Joining IGG

  • IGT is part of the larger Independent Gaming Group so you'll need to join IGG first.
  • You'll find all the information about joining at igghq.com
  • After you've signed up there, proceed to step 2. 

2.  Submit your IGT application

  • Wait for an email from our Drill Instructor, or find him on teamspeak
  • While you wait for your Drill Instructor, you can start with step 3.

3. Set up the mods you'll need with ArmA3Sync

  • Check out our page with detailed instruction on how to set up your mods
  • If you're having trouble check in with your Drill Instructor and he will assist you in setting up the mods
  • While your mods are downloading you can take a look at the Recruit Handbook

 4. Orientation and Basic Training with your DI

Your Drill Instructor will:

  • Introduce you to IGT
  • Ask about your experience with the game and any similar groups you may have played with
  • Ask about what you want to get from the unit and what you can offer us
  • Make sure that you understand the Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Make sure you have the required mods setup correctly
  • Set dates for your Basic Training
  • Answer any questions you may have

Basic Training

Congratulations! You have been accepted onto the roster and you're now a Recruit. Perhaps you want to start flying planes and driving tanks now? Well, firstly every member of the unit needs to be familiar with being an Infantryman, so regardless of your experience you'll complete a 3 part training session with 3 other recruits which will cover all aspects of being not only an Infantryman, but an effective team-player. 

Basic Training will give you the skills you'll need to be an asset to your team. It will create the foundation of all other skills you'll learn later, and when your plane is shot down, or your tank explodes - these are the skills you'll need to survive.

You can take a look at the topics covered in basic training in the recruit handbook.

Upon completion of your basic training, you'll have a review with your Drill Instructor, he will give you some feedback and it's also an opportunity for you to do the same. After this your Drill Instructor will ask for your preferred element that you would like to join, he'll try to get you a place in your preferred element.

Once you've been assigned, that's it - you'll have a new Fireteam leader to report to and a crack team of like-minded soon-to-be friends in your new team. 

Welcome to IGT, Private!