Manslaughter I

After the defeat of the Iranian contingent on Altis the Mediterranean has been left highly unstable. The European economy is crumbling and the Union is falling to the same fate. It is only a matter of time before CSAT finds a new excuse to invade.

Operation Tropic Storm III

After engaging heavier contacts than expected within the town, we pulled back to the FOB for the night to rearm and rest. A lot more is needed to dismantle the cartel and the longer we are in the area the more likely it is of our capture. We are to push onto the Camp and see what we can find out there, who knows what is left of it. If we have no luck there then we push onto the Drop point at the ruins. Hopefully we'll find something before the Cartel does. Maybe what we find will help our next strike. 

Operation Tropic Storm II

Recently we have lost contact with our Mi6 team in the region. Due to this sudden and unexpected loss of contact so close to completing their mission Ranger 1--1 Platoon from the SAS has been deployed to a nearby FOB still remaining from the Vietnam war many years ago. Our objective is to locate the Mi6 agents and find out what happened. Alongside this we are to disrupt operations in the area to the best of our abilities and work towards the downfall of the local Cartel. 

Operation Tropic Storm I

We are a Mi6 recon and intel team based in Vietnam. We are currently in a region of the country controlled by the Một số băng đảng Cartel. We have recently been contacted by a local police force who has some intel on the Cartel for us. We are to meet them at the nearby plantation on the other side of the river and collect the intel. Try to stay covert as detection will blow our cover in the area and we'll have to bail out before our mission is complete here.

Malden Invasion part 2

Our armored divisions are currently taking the airfield we weakened which shouldn't be a problem thanks to us.

Your next assignment will be taking out the enemies long range anti-air and artillery capabilities. Satellite shows that the Russians have set up their anti-air and mobile radar on the docks as seen on the image below, destroy them.

Malden Invasion

Our upcoming mission will be on Malden to clear out the radio station and the main airfield, this way the Russians can't call in reinforcements and once we clear the airfield we will weaken it to be taken later our main force.

You will start at FOB Eagles Nest, located in the northwest part of Malden on an Island, once you're on route you will be dropped at an abandoned military base the Russians used to own, we set up some supplies and jeeps there for your use.

Operation silent Strike

 High command has seem it Fit that you  al passed your training in special warfare and are now qualified  for special ops missions. 


So Next mission Wil be on Malden  We heave created a small FOB  at Peagasus airfield using Civilian airport 

A Not publicly known Group has gained accaes to some military hardware and equipment  and have taken control of the  area around the Large airfield and military base. they also have taken hold of the radio station close by and are broodcasting Propaganda to the civilians on the island


Operation Disruptus Maximus

United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command has issued us a to ensure maximum destruction in the supply lines of the enemy. We have been tasked to lay ambushes on the roads leading towards the front. Approximate departure and arrival positions of the convoy will be marked on your tactical maps. We will be inserted through little bird helicopters. Approach to the area of operations with the utmost stealth. Exfil will be organized when the teams are no longer able to use explosives to harass the enemy. Beware that communication might not always be possible.

Operation Flying Tiger

Listen up, 

High command has issued a training mission to Ranger 1-1 as preparation for other deployments in the mid Atlantic area


The objectives consist of blowing up a depot, rescue 24 POW, and secure a HVT. Due to  communication security we will be using codes to certain objectives.

Mission restriction :  All inserts and exfill need to be done by air, Reinforcement wave 15 min