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Hello, my name is lolitsbad (Alfie Hudson) I enjoy playing Minecraft with my friends, I am very good at finding hacks and ghost clients. I'm into gaming and editing, I love the whole Half-Life and Counter-Strike: Source series and yeah I love playing with my friends! :D

After you destroyed the supplies and armor support intended to resupply and reinforce the enemy force in the north, they where forced to fall back. Our own forces now control most the eastern areas and roads leading up to the town of Pepinal.

In the south our forces are having a bit more…

Doing an IGT meeting on the 22nd of July.


"Summer roster"

New medal propositions

Role-playing Team



The offensive started well, all the eastern islands have mostly been secured, with some stragglers left on the south eastern island, and the enemy forces in the north have fallen back to their FOB at the small Airfield of Vucco to rest and refit.

Our forces in the north will be ready to…

2 years 2 months ago

Should the director have final say on appointments? No he is an equal member of the…

Welcome to Abramia.

We're putting you straight to work with clearing out an enemy stronghold in the area before they are able to reinforce it.

The isle in question is well guarded, and needs to be approached with care, as they are sure to have bunkers and patrols across the AO.…

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