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In the FMTC-1 Field Medical Treatment Course the participants gets tested on their ability to effectively diagnose and treat their patients, use the medical gear available to them, prioritize who to treat first, and what a medics ROE is. Instructors will go through the required gear with the…

This training is the last hurdle to become fully enlisted. The following points will be covered. Weapons employment, formations and MOUT (military operations in urban terrain). In the live exercise you are expected to demonstrate all of the tactics, knowledge and skills that the Drill…

When you've completed your DI Interview and once you are sure you understand all topics mentioned in the Recruit Handbook, you are ready to take BCIQ-1. This test aims to test your knowledge of IGT SOP, you can complete it at any time. Don't forget that we want you to pass - so don't hesitate to…

In this training course, the participants gets tested on their ability to deploy their parachutes at the correct altitude, depending on the type of jump performed. They will also be tested on their ability to know when it's their turn to eject, what the different kinds of jumps are, and what…

We play Arma 3 regularly. Both tactical milsim and vanilla missions are played.

About us

We are the Independent Gaming Group, a community of gamer's like you, from around the world. Really, no matter what game you enjoy we are pretty certain you'll find one of us here who enjoys playing it too.

We ensure that our members have the best gaming experience possible and as a community we strive to provide the tools and resources to create top class servers and group experiences for all our members. We continue to do this with a team of like-minded members from around the world who share our passion in gaming.

A fun, moderated, and enjoyable Teamspeak, and Online Gaming community making us the preferred choice for meeting and teaming up with other gamer's from around the world.

Our Mission

  1. To connect members together by providing a way of unique and hassle-free communication
  2. To make everyone equal by promoting Servant Leadership, Honesty and Democratic Ideals
  3. To support emerging games and teams by providing the tools, resources, training and support
  4. To have fun and enjoy being apart of something bigger

Why we're different

We were founded with the sole principle that we would be independent and self governed. Independent Gaming focuses on putting the decisions into your hands as a community member, you won't find any 'Owners' here - our aim is to make every member equal. We encourage enthusiasm and talent and maintain an active community team, We want all of our members to contribute which is why our community has been created and will always be maintained completely by its Members for its Members.