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Due to our forces reconnaissance of the region, we've gotten a better picture of the situation in the region. As you know by now ISIS is now 100% confirmed to be responsible, and the ones that has taken over large parts of southern Anizay.

At current they basicly hold everything south of…


this is the final push, we have determined that the Russians are handling VX chemical weapons here on Tanoa.

The UN General Assembly has begun to mount political pressure on Moscow to withdraw and submit itself for cross-examination over its possession of the nerve agent…

at 02:00 this morning we lost communications with our towns and industrial infrastructure to the south of the Kurdish Heartland. ISIS have been gearing up in the region and we believe they're behind the communication breakdown and are on the move into our territory.

You're tasked with…

To: Personnel of Expeditionary Group 16

Marines, your prompt and precise actions in recovering reaper 1 and his black box have provided us with intel and of course preserving 2 precious lives. We have learned that the southern envelope of the Air Defense System is controlled from Tanoa…

Your team is deployed to our defense lines in North-Eastern Altis. NATO is closing in on us and thanks to CSAT, we've been given T-14K Armatas, modern main battle tanks to support our Wiesel 2 Tankettes, the last remaining vestige of our armored assets on the island.

We absolutely MUST…

The insurgent cells you assaulted a few days ago appears to have been more organized than we believed. And because of that the last commander you attempted to bring in, we suspect was notified about the impending attack on his compound.

The numbers of enemy soldiers participating in the…

We've discovered the location of 3 insurgency cells here on altis, we've been monitoring their activity in the area for a while now, and have concluded that at this exact moment, the leaders of these cells will be located at their cell HQ's.

You're being deployed immediatly, to assault…

To: Personnel of Expeditionary Group 16

Marines, The defense of Harcourt and its bridge was a success but at a cost.

Navy Air Group has informed us its F/A-18F call sign reaper 1 took fire and crashed minutes ago. I need you to form a QRF team and head out there as quick as…

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