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With the increasing pressure from the USMC pushing from the south we are expecting reinforcements to be brought in through the road leading north away from Lopatino and Through air on the main airfield. We are monitoring through various means when those resupply convoys will be coming through.…

After the incredible efforts of the MARSOC special forces operating deep behind enemy lines an attempt to extract them was made but failed. Just after takeoff the Chinook got hit by a tremendous amount of small-arms fire as reported by the copilot. We believe that they started moving east as…

The USMC has been pushing North the last days until they faced a well entrenched Russian MSV two companies of 200 men. The MSV is supported by the VDV who are staged at the airfield also fielding at least 200 men. We are tasked to do…

Mission brief will be provided SECRETLY in the open door tent made of textiles that you can hear through in the armory.








P.S Gonna be nighttime tho.

Enemy forces are heading towards Qalandar from Gorqan. We're to meet them head-on and intercept them before they reach Qalandar. If and when we're overun at first KZ (killzone) we will disengage and stage again further back to eventually set-up defending Qalandar-East.


Hello, my name is cad, online at least.

I'm a web developer, i live in the netherlands, and i play video games.

Anything else you'd like to know about me, feel free to ask.



Thanks to your efforts in Bum, Riqay and Qalandar. We're not only set to retake important Oil extraction assets from ISIS, but we've aquired new gear courtesy of the CEO you rescued from Bum which is sure to become invaluable moving forward.

ISIS, after they failed in taking Qalandar,…

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