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We have been deployed in the mountainous country of Takistan. We have very limited resources and have only recently established the FOB. The enemy is not very aware of our presence but that could soon change. Also be aware of the locals. Keep them on your side to make sure the situation does not…

We have an informant by the name Richard "Dick" Humpfree currently residing in the mansion belonging to the mayor of Naudeh, he is currently providing us with intel while acting as a journalist with the BBC. Recently we received word from him that he believes his cover is blown and that IS is…


Our recent efforts in anizay bore fruit. your mission is to set up a checkpoint and look for suspicious individuals/cargo.

More information will be issued as it becomes available.

Previous Mission

  • Saved the priest and his…
1 year 7 months ago

Community meeting in preparation of the community elections:

  • one month for people…

Ok Soldiers we are going to be going out on patrol today.

We will be on the lookout for ISIL movements and activities and responding to any situations that might arise.

Enemy activity has been quiet which generally means they are up to something. be on your guard whilst moving…

September 8th 2025

You and your team have been selected to perform a sear

ch and rescue operation in the region of Highway 5 in Suomussalmi. In the face of increasing diplomatic aggression from Russia; our recent joint op exercise to commemorate Finlands…

You have been sent as a second wave to the beach. The landing crafts got you as close as they could. We lost a lot of assets and friends and we are in the the thick of it.
Some of the crews have tried to form a protective shelter to help us move to the beach. All vics were destroyed in the…

United Sahini is under pressure of the Russian hammer. They have been using this location as an active assualt base for way too long, and this has to stop. We are taking matters into our own hands and we're going to take them down. You are going to a HALO jump to start your assault. Your target…

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