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Good job on disabling the southern airfield of Tembeland.

Unfortunately, we have a problem. After you returned to base, the 147th took control of the BM-21's and together with the 105th made a small push towards the airfield to get within range with the Grads. It seems however, that the…

The time has come to attempt to strike at one of the airfields, in this operation your primary objective is to utilize the BM-21 grad's you've been given, to launch an artillery strike at the southern airfield.

You'll be moving down past Southern lapangan, and the forested areas south…

New public Domaination 3.90  AI Revive server has been setup on our servers, Pop on and have some fun.

With a foothold secured on the island, we've been tasked to push up along the main road leading to the city of Lapangan and beyond. The purpose of this, is to gain ground close enough to the airports to hit them with our BM-21 Grads.

You will move up to and past the 98th Mechanized,…

Hi I'm magic_toad, 

I was introduced to the community by a friend of mine, Stormingweather. So I guess I should let you know a little bit about me! I'm 18, and live West Yorkshire, working for the West Yorkshire Public Transport Executive (Metro). I enjoying playing all sorts of games,…

Our initial attack will be on the Besar Airbase and the small town of Bagain.

Besar will allow us to use the enemies own infrastructure to bring in and launch our own air support and we're securing Bagain since it's in an easily defendable location (refer to the below image)


Capt. it has come to our attention through Army intelligence that insurgent forces have acquired the MLRS BM-21 Grad's from unknown suppliers. Our agents have tracked the elements transporting these vehicles to the mountains west of Zargabad. It is of the utmost importance that we destroy these…

There will be an IGT meeting on the 28th of april, @ 18:00 UTC.

As most of you know, i've been going around asking you all individually or in small groups, what you like and dislike about our IGT evenings. The purpose of this is to get a big picture overview of you, the playerbase, in…

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